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How to Use a Photography Project to Build Your Portfolio

Your development as a photographer can be seen as progressing through three stages: initial interest in taking photographs, development of skill, and mastery of the medium. As part of the third stage, photographic projects build your portfolio because they make you think in bigger terms. They force you to create …

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3 Key Tips for Making More Dynamic Photos

Do you find it difficult to make photographs which stand out and truly resonate with the people who view them? Let me share with you three key ways you can practice that will change your photographic experience and will assist you in making more dynamic photos. 1. Know your subject …

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5 Major Mistakes Made By Travel Photographers

Whether you are traveling abroad or within your own country, there are several mistakes that I’ve seen travel photographers make that hinder the process of making memorable photos. #1: Not being aware of cultural sensitivities and laws When you travel to another country it’s easy to forget that the people …

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