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Audi A6

Created using a new styling language and built on Audi’s latest MLB Evo architecture, the new Audi A6 follows the range-topping A8 and the sporty A7 hatchback. This mid-size luxury sedan adopts the brand’s latest styling themes, which are intended to move beyond the boxy and less appealing designs seen on the …

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When is the Best Time to Visit Madagascar

If you are a nature lover or budding photographer, Madagascar should be at the top of your bucket list. In this vast and luscious island, 90 per cent of all animal and plant species are totally unique. It also has a vibrant culture, with festivals celebrating all things Malagasy  throughout …

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When’s the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

How much does timing matter when buying a new car? A lot, it turns out! We reveal the best time to buy a new car—a strategy that could save you thousands of dollars. According to the old saying, “good things come to those who wait.” These words of wisdom should certainly …

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6 New Automotive Trends for new Generation

Connelly’s research for 2018 reflects the forward-thinking state of the auto industry: “Following the recession, everyone talked about the so-called ‘new normal,’ but that kind of colloquialism never stayed in place for very long because nothing stays stagnant enough for it to actually become normal.” These six trends in particular will …

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Honda Civic Type R

The radical Civic Type R is a polarizing hi-po hatchback. Haters think it’s too hideous to own, and backers believe it’s too fantastic to miss. We know it’s the latter, seeing as we named it a 10Best Cars winner along with the impressive Civic Sport and Civic Si. To all who disagree, we …

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